Planning & Process

As a parcel sender, you want a shipping partner who is perfectly aligned with your shipping and logistics processes and who gets your parcels to your customers reliably and quickly.

How to hand over your parcels to Quickpac

You can either have your parcels delivered to Quickpac with your own transport vehicles or have them collected by Quickpac. For maximum flexibility, we recommend that you use your own vehicles.

You can have your parcels handed in either centrally or decentrally.

Central posting

Central posting means that you hand over all of your parcels at one depot. Quickpac then sorts your parcels and transports them to the locals destination depots, from where they are delivered to the recipients.

Times for posting

  • Priority and Economy: until 10:00 p.m.

  • Priority+: until 9:00 a.m. and for SameDay until 12:00 p.m. (noon)

Decentralised posting

Decentralised posting means that you hand over your parcels directly to the respective local depot that is responsible for delivery to the recipient of the parcel. This is particularly useful if you process parcels at several locations and wish to send them on the SameDay option.

Times for posting

  • Posting for SameDay parcels is possible directly to the respective local depots until 3:30 p.m.

Collection of parcels

Upon request, Quickpac will collect your parcels from you at additional charge.

In this case, you arrange a collection order with us for your parcels. Quickpac will collect your parcels from you at the agreed time using its own vehicles or commission a service provider to do so.

Sorting: We bring colour into the game!

Quickpac is the only parcel delivery company to use an innovative sorting system based on colour codes.

This is how our revolutionary system of sorting by colour works

At Quickpac, each package is given a coloured label. This process, which has been registered with the European Patent Office, is unique and ensures speed and low error sorting. As a shipper, you do not need to worry about this - you hand over your parcels with their usual labels, just as you would with any other service provider.


  • Lower prices and faster processes

  • No extra work for parcel shippers, as the colour labels are printed and applied by Quickpac

  • Significantly higher sorting speed than sorting by numbers or sorting with automatic sorting machines

  • Less warehouse space is needed for sorting, which brings great economic and ecological advantages

  • Virtually error-free sorting

  • No use of capital-intensive sorting equipment

This is how it works!

  • Quickpac registers all incoming parcels at the local destination depots.

  • As soon as this registration is completed, within a few minutes tour planning is carried out. Each parcel is thereby assigned a tour number and within the tour number a delivery sequence.

  • Before sorting, the ID barcode of each parcel is scanned and a label generated by a high-performance printer is applied to the parcel.

  • The label has two coloured areas: One for the tour (= vehicle) and one for the order of delivery.

Electric delivery

Quickpac is the only parcel delivery company in Europe that relies 100 % on electric vehicles to deliver parcels.

With us, your parcels are delivered quietly, quickly and climate-friendly.

With Quickpac, your customers receive their parcels flexibly and conveniently. This means that you determine the type, time and place of delivery. Our dynamic parcel tracking system achieves above-average forecasts for the delivery time window of each parcel.

Delivery twice daily

  • Quickpac delivers twice a day from Monday to Friday.

  • Trough the day between 08:30 a.m. and 17:00 p.m. and in the evening between 05:00 p.m. and 09:00 p.m.

Thanks to the comprehensive use of electric vehicles, Quickpac is now the quietest parcel delivery service in Switzerland and therefore enjoys a high level of acceptance among recipients, especially for evening deliveries.

Tailor-made delivery notifications

  • Quickpac notifies the recipients of the parcels with messages that can be customised by the sender.

  • The delivery notifications are sent by e-mail and/or SMS and include a forecast of the expected delivery time window.

  • The Quickpac algorithm for recipient notification achieves very good forecast values even with a high number of parcels to be delivered.

Safe and reliable parcel delivery

  • If possible, parcels are delivered to the storage compartment of the mailbox.

  • If a parcel does not fit into the storage box and does not have to be handed over against a signature, Quickpac will check whether the parcel can be deposited safely in the stairwell or in the entrance to the building.

  • If this is not possible, our delivery staff will hand over the parcel personally.

  • If a recipient has placed a deposit order, we deposit the parcel at the desired location. With the innovative addressing solution from what3words, the desired deposit location can be chosen by means of a precise three-word address.

Undeliverable parcels, additional services and pick-up points

  • Thanks to the flexible delivery options (type, time, place), Quickpac has an excellent rate of successful first delivery attempts.

  • With Quickpac's additional service "Signature", shippers can ensure that parcels can only be delivered against a signature.

  • If a parcel cannot be delivered (e.g. because delivery to the storage compartment of the mailbox is not possible and the recipient is not at home), Quickpac makes further delivery attempts or takes the parcel to a collection point.

  • Quickpac has partnered with both Migros PickMup and Coop Pick-Up to offer easily accessible collection points.

  • Parcels that are permanently undeliverable are returned to the sender.

Do you send out more than 10,000 parcels a year? Then send them climate-friendly with Quickpac!

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