Postal Services Ordinance

Quickpac Planzer AG is a postal services provider registered with the postal commission PostCom, the regulatory authority for the postal market. Quickpac is required (among other things) to ensure standard industry employment conditions in the pursuit of their activities. As the regulatory authority, PostCom regularly reviews whether Quickpac Planzer AG is meeting its obligations under the Postal Services Act and Postal Services Ordinance. Under the Postal Services Ordinance of 29 August 2012, Quickpac Planzer AG is required to declare the following information.

Publication of list prices and general terms and conditions of business (art. 11)

List prices are published on Quickpac's website under Prices and the associated product sub-pages, and the general terms and conditions of business are published under GTC.

Information about the arbitration body (art.12)

The independent arbitration body established by PostCom in accordance with the Postal Services Ordinance can be called upon to settle disputes between customers and providers of postal services, such as Quickpac Planzer AG.

An arbitration request is permitted if:

  • The submitting party has previously attempted to reach an agreement with the other party to the dispute
  • The conditions laid down in the arbitration body’s rules of procedure have been met

  • It is not manifestly unreasonable

  • No court of law or arbitration tribunal is dealing with the case

Contact details of arbitration body:

Ombud - PostCom
Postfach 243
3074 Muri
Tel. 031 951 02 07
Fax 031 951 02 03

Handling address data (art.13)

Quickpac Planzer AG ensures that its customers’ data are sufficiently secured against unauthorised access or destruction. This is also ensured within the sphere of influence of all of their commissioned subcontractors. Quickpac Planzer AG uses address data solely for the proper provision of postal services. Quickpac Planzer AG is required to respect the provisions of the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection. In particular, they do not use customer data for third parties of for their own purposes, they respect recipients’ wishes not to receive any addressed and/or unaddressed advertising, and they do not operate any in-house databases that would violate the Federal Act on Data Protection. Quickpac Planzer AG adheres to the code of ethics laid down by the Swiss Direct Marketing Association (SDV).

Labelling for postal consignments (art.14)

Parcels delivered by Quickpac or its subcontractors bear the ‘Quickpac’ reference near to the address on the consignment. Any complaints about the delivery can be reported to or to the free hotline for recipient customers at 0800-363 363.

Information about service quality (art. 15)

Quickpac ecords the delivery days of all consignments each week based on feedback from delivery agents. During the year 2022, parcels were delivered on the following days:

15.7 %{center}68 %{center}12.8 %{center}3.5 %{center}

On average, this resulted in a average delivery time of E+1.04, i.e. for the average parcel, a first delivery attempt was made 1.04 days after it was handed over to Quickpac.