Quickpac creates jobs and currently employs more than 500 people. Quickpac does not hire any subcontractors for the delivery of parcels, employing all delivery agents directly instead.

Management team

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Severin Baer

Operations and Infrastructure

Christoph franzen neu web
Christoph Franzen
Managing director COO / Head of Operations
Remo piller neu web
Remo Piller
Head of Fleet and Technical Engineering
Mirco Buergi neu web
Mirco Bürgi
Head of Transport and Purchasing
David Bojanic
David Bojanic
Depot Manager Ebikon
Nikolai dementiev neu web
Nikolai Dementiev
Depot Manager Dietikon
Arijana Gashi 1
Arijana Gashi
Leiterin Depot Hägendorf
Ricardo Gomes
Ricardo Gomes
Depot Manager Ostermundigen
Marcel keller print
Marcel Keller
Depot Manager Winterthur
Kevin lazic neu web
Kevin Lazic
Depot Manager St. Gallen

Strategy & Services

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Andrea Brosi
Leiter Personal
Thomas Fluri
Head of Quality Management
Jochen gehlbach print
Jochen Gehlbach
Member of the board Head of IT Managing director of Quickmail Systems GmbH
Anita roos neu web heller
Anita Roos
Member of the board Head of Finance


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Heinz Wiedemeier
Leiter Verkauf Planzer
Pierre hubert dlaska print
Pierre-Hubert Dlaska
Member of the board Head of Sales
Isabel klug print
Isabel Klug
Head of Customer Integration