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Frequently asked questions

Answers to all important questions about Quickpac, your parcels and our services can be found here in the FAQ section. If you want to know where your parcel is, enter your parcel number in the tracking section above.

Receive parcels

Who can receive parcels with Quickpac?

Quickpac delivers parcels to private recipients in selected postcode areas in Switzerland.

Where is my parcel?

Every parcel has an 18-digit parcel number. This parcel number will be provided to you by the sender. You can use the number to track the parcel at any time in our parcel tracking.

When will my parcel be delivered?

You can use the 18-digit parcel number to track your shipment at any time in our parcel tracking, and see the expected delivery date.

Where can I find the parcel number?

The parcel number is usually provided directly by the sender, for example in a delivery notice that you have received by e-mail. The 18-digit parcel number is also printed below the barcode on the parcel itself.

Can I track my parcel without a parcel number?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to track a parcel without a parcel tracking number. Please contact the sender if you do not have the number.

When can I see my parcel in the shipment tracking?

You will be able to see your parcel in our parcel tracking as soon as the sender has successfully sent us all the data electronically for processing your parcel.

Why do I not receive any information when I enter my parcel number?

Is the parcel number correct? If yes, we have not yet received the required information from the sender to be able to process your shipment. Please try again later or contact the sender.

Can I contact the deliverer directly by telephone?

It is not possible to contact deliverers directly by telephone. Our customer services also cannot guarantee that they will be able to do so, for organisational reasons. Questions or comments? Please get in touch via the contact form.


Why am I receiving notifications from Quickpac?

Quickpac sends notifications by email or SMS on the sender’s behalf to keep you informed of the parcel’s status.

I do not wish to receive any further notifications from Quickpac. What should I do?

Senders share your contact details with us so we can send you recipient notifications. Please contact the sender to prevent this information being passed on to us in the future.

I am receiving parcels from Quickpac, but I am not getting any notifications. How can I make sure I receive these?

Not all senders instruct us to notify their recipients and provide us with the necessary contact details. However, you have the option of activating the notification yourself in Quickpac shipment tracking.

How can I use the "Tracking - Notify" delivery option?

Open Quickpac parcel tracking and enter an email address or mobile number to receive free notifications about the status of your parcel. From the moment you register, you will receive all notifications related to your parcel. The notifications are in addition to any notifications sent or instructed by the sender.

Labels & Addresses

What does the coloured label on my parcel mean?

The colour label was applied by Quickpac as part of the sorting process. It contains information about the delivery route, information on the Quickpac hotline and is used to identify the parcel delivery companies.


Can I receive a parcel even if I am not at home?

Yes. You can instruct Quickpac to deposit your parcel by entering a deposition request in our parcel tracking system.

What is a deposit order and how can I use this delivery option?

With a deposit order you instruct Quickpac to deposit your parcel at a specific location at the recipient's address. This free delivery option is available to all recipients after authentication in the tracking until shortly before the delivery attempt (approx. 15 minutes). If you do not have Internet access, the deposit order can also be registered for you by our customer service via the recipient hotline on 0800 363 363.

For which parcels can a deposit order be entered?

Only parcels that do not require personal delivery against signature will be deposited.

I cannot find any possibility to enter a deposit order for my parcel in the tracking. What do I have to do?

It is only possible to enter a deposit order if this option is displayed under delivery options in the tracking after authentication. If authentication has not taken place, if the parcel is a Signature parcel or if the parcel is in a status that does not allow a deposit order, this delivery option will not be displayed and is therefore not available.

Can I delete a registered deposit order?

Once a deposit order has been entered, it cannot be deleted by the recipient in the parcel tracking system.

If necessary, please contact Quickpac Customer Service via the contact form so that we can check whether your deposit order can be deleted manually. Please note that for technical reasons, deposit orders cannot be stopped shortly before the scheduled delivery.

Can a deposit order be changed after it has been entered?

Once a deposit order has been entered, it cannot be changed by the recipient in the parcel tracking system.

If necessary, please contact Quickpac Customer Service via the contact form so that we can check whether your deposit order can be deleted manually. Please note that for technical reasons, deposit orders cannot be stopped shortly before the scheduled delivery.

Can I place the deposit order as a permanent order for all future packages with Quickpac instead of every single parcel?

No. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible.

Who is liable if the parcel is lost after it has been deposited with a deposit order?

With the deposit order, liability is transferred to the recipient at the time of deposit at the recipient's address. After delivery of the parcel, all liability claims against Quickpac are excluded.

I was at home at the delivery time, but the doorbell did not ring and the parcel was put into the storage compartment of my mailbox. Why?

Quickpac always delivers parcels that can and are authorized for storage to the storage compartment without ringing. If the sender sends us your e-mail address or mobile number or if you have activated the notification yourself in our parcel tracking system, you will receive a notification with a delivery confirmation after delivery.

Why was the parcel not delivered or was delivered to another delivery location despite the deposit order?

If the place of deposit does not comply with the specifications (freely accessible, on the property of the recipient address, protected from the weather) or is unclear, no deposit will be made in accordance with the order. If the parcel fits into the deposit box, it will always be delivered to the deposit box. If, in the opinion of our local deliverer, it is safer to deposit the parcel elsewhere at the recipient's address, it will be deposited there.

I have missed a delivery, what happens now?

You can use the parcel number to find updated information on the status of your parcel in our parcel tracking.

Can I refuse a parcel?

If you do not wish to accept a parcel, you can refuse it at the time of delivery (if handed over in person). Our deliverer will take the parcel away and we will return it to the sender.

Pick-up points

There is a pick-up information card in my letterbox. What does it mean?

The "Abholinformationen" card informs you that an unsuccessful delivery attempt has been made and that the parcel will be taken to a collection point near you. The information on the "Abholinformationen" card provides you with all the information about the address and opening hours of the collection point as well as up-to-date information about the status of your parcel.

Where can I find information about my parcel’s pick-up point?

You will find all the details such as the address and opening hours of the collection point in the Quickpac parcel tracking. Simply enter your parcel number. You will find the parcel number on the "Abholinformationen" card (in your letterbox) or in the delivery notification that you received by e-mail and/or text message.

Who do the pick-up points belong to?

Quickpac is co-operating with PickMup, Migros’s practical collection service. In certain cases, parcels are handed over to Coop Pick-up collection points.

What do I need in order to pick up my parcel from a pick-up point?

For the pick-up you need the pick-up code as QR code. This information can be found on the delivered pick-up information card or can be displayed in our parcel tracking system.

For collection from Coop Pick-up, you will be informed by Coop Pick-up by e-mail or SMS about the further procedure.

How long will a parcel be kept at the PickMup pick-up point?

Parcels are kept ready for pick-up for 14 days after delivery. After that the parcel will be picked up by Quickpac at the pick-up point and returned to the sender.

I missed a delivery. Do I have to wait until the next day to collect my parcel from the pick-up point?

For logistical reasons, the parcel will only be available at the pick-up point from the next working day.

Returning parcels

Can I return parcels with Quickpac?

Quickpac does not currently offer this service. Please contact the sender directly regarding returning parcels.


My parcel is missing. What should I do?

Please make sure that the shipment tracking describes the parcel as delivered, and that no-one else has taken the parcel in for you. Perhaps, the parcel is in the storage compartment of your letterbox, in the staircase or in the entrance area of your building?

If not, please fill out the contact form. We will investigate the case and get back to you.

My shipment was damaged or delivered incomplete. What should I do?

Please fill out the contact form, describe the type of damage, and give the parcel number. We will investigate the case and get back to you.

Who is liable if my parcel is stolen?

Quickpac is liable in the event of a lost parcel as described in the GTC. Want to let us know about a lost parcel? Please fill out the contact form on our homepage and we will take care of it.

Do you have a question about receiving parcels?

We are at your service from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Who can send parcels with Quickpac?

Only business customers can send parcels with Quickpac.

If you are interested in doing so, please fill out the form and we will get in touch.

What parcels can I send with Quickpac?

We deliver standard parcels weighing up to 30 kg and with maximum dimensions of 100x60x60cm. Quickpac does not transport bulky parcels, parcels in special packaging, general cargo or dangerous goods.

Where does Quickpac deliver?

Quickpac delivers within selected postcode areas in Switzerland. On request, we will provide you with an up-to-date overview of our coverage area.

Does Quickpac also deliver abroad?

No. We currently only deliver parcels in Switzerland.

Is there a minimum quantity?

There is no minimum quantity to meet for a Quickpac delivery.

How quickly can Quickpac deliver parcels?

Delivery times depend on the delivery speed chosen by the sender. SameDay and Priority+ are delivered on the same day, Priority on the next working day and Economy on the next but one working day at the latest.

Which additional services are available?

As additional services, Quickpac offers evening delivery, Saturday delivery, delivery of wine in the original box and delivery against signature.


How can parcels be handed in?

Parcels can be handed in centrally to an acceptance depot, or to our local destination depots. Collection can be arranged too. More information is available at here.

Are parcels insured?

Liability issues are regulated in the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of Quickpac AG under section 11 Haftung.

Where does the parcel number come from?

The 18-digit parcel number is requested via a web service, or generated using internal programming in accordance with Quickpac’s specifications.

Does Quickpac use a special address label?

The design of the address label is based on the usual industry standards. There are minor adjustments that are necessary for delivery with Quickpac. We will be happy to assist you with any technical requirements.

Is shipment data sent electronically?

Yes, the shipment data must be transmitted electronically prior to handing over your parcels.

How is shipment data sent?

Shipment data can be uploaded to an extranet account, sent via a web service, or Quickpac will provide you with SFTP access to deposit the data as an XML file (like DataTransfer Post CH).

How are parcels sorted?

The parcels are sorted manually by the delivery agents. The parcels are given a coloured label at Quickpac's local destination depots, which ensures speed and low error sorting. As a sender, you don't need to worry about this. You deliver your parcels to Quickpac with address labels, as you are used to from your previous service providers.

Are deliverers employed by Quickpac?

Yes, all delivery agents are employed directly by Quickpac. Unlike many of its competitors, Quickpac does not use subcontractors for parcel delivery.

Is there a recipient notification service?

Recipient notifications such as delivery information, delivery confirmation or pick-up reminders are sent to recipients in order to increase deliverability and recipient satisfaction. To do this, you send us the recipient's e-mail address or mobile number together with the consignment data.

How does Quickpac's parcel tracking work?

All parcels can be tracked at any time via the 18-digit parcel number. You can also provide your customers with a link to conveniently track their parcel.

Can sorting and delivery reports be produced?

As well as the extranet account’s information about individual parcels, which can be downloaded at any time, you also have Quickreport 11. This contains the relevant information and is made available on Quickpac’s SFTP server. This allows a current shipment status to be automatically sent to your IT system.

What happens if a parcel cannot be delivered?

Quickpac calls these returned shipments. If a parcel is only temporarily undeliverable, a further delivery attempt will be made or the recipient can collect their parcel within a set period from a nearby pick-up point. If a shipment is not collected or if it is permanently undeliverable, the parcel will be returned to the sender.

Depot Bern 9
Do you have a questions about sending parcels with Quickpac?

Our sales team is happy to assist you:

+41 58 356 45 00

Only for senders of parcels. If you have a question about receiving a parcel, please use the contact form.


Why does Quickpac also deliver in the evening?

With evening deliveries until 9 p.m., we aim to deliver parcels at a time when most recipients are at home. Using electric cars means that our deliveries are quiet, and thanks to our precise recipient notification, you always know in advance when your parcel will arrive.

Why are certain parcels handed over to the Swiss Post?

In certain cases, it has been agreed with the sender that undeliverable parcels will be handed over to Swiss Post for delivery. Swiss Post will make another delivery attempt and, if this is unsuccessful, will hold the parcel ready for collection at the post office.

I already have a delivery authorization with the Swiss Post. Can Quickpac take over these details automatically?

For data protection reasons, we do not have access to this data from Swiss Post.

How does the security check for a parcel work?

If you want to access detailed information about your parcel or enter a deposit order in our parcel tracking system, Quickpac will perform a security check. After entering your parcel number, you will be asked to enter certain components of your address. This ensures that only authorised users can view detailed information about a parcel.

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