Quickpac Sustainability Report 2022

Sustainability and responsibility towards our stakeholders have been at the core of this rapid expansion. With this report we aim to highlight past actions and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to making e-commerce more seamless and sustainable.

100 % electric - 0 % diesel.

With our 100 % electric car fleet, we deliver parcels quietly and with low emissions across the board. In urban areas and in the countryside. We aim to reduce CO₂ emissions on the last mile while ensuring an excellent end-customer experience.

100 % for more sustainable supply chains in e-commerce.

We are aware that the entire e-commerce supply chain still generates substantial emissions. That is why we strive to improve every day by developing even smarter and more sustainable solutions for our customers and along the value chain.

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Sustainability Report

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Achievements & Goals

Tons of CO₂ saved since inception

Parcel deliveries since inception

Largest 100 % fossil fuel-free fleet in CH

Household coverage by 2025 to enable a sustainable last mile across Switzerland

Customer satisfaction among all Swiss parcel delivery services by 2025

Fossil fuel-free 2nd last mile by 2025

100 % commitment today - 100 % commitment for 2030.

SDG 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy

While Switzerland already exhibits a highly sustainable energy mix, Quickpac aims to contribute towards the generation of sustainable energy for all. For instance, solar panels have been installed on the newly opened depot in Ostermundigen.

SDG 11 - Sustainably Cities and Communities

Quickpac operates the largest 100 % fossil-free last mile fleet in Switzerland. Low-emission delivery outside peak-hours minimises congestion. Thanks to lower CO₂ and particulate matter emissions, air quality is improved.

SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production

Due to the unique colour sorting, parcels delivered by Quickpac have a significantly lower packaging requirement than parcels sorted by automatic sorting machines.

SDG 13 - Climate Action

Quickpac integrates environmental and climate considerations into its business activities. By delivering parcels without fossil fuels on the last mile, the company contributes to the avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions.

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