Quickpic - the most sustainable returns service in Switzerland

We pick up returns at home and transport them back to the sender. Quietly and with low emissions by electric car, of course.

Simple, sustainable returns with Quickpic

Rely on our Quickpic pick-up service for your online store and offer your customers the simplest, fastest and most sustainable returns solution in Switzerland!

How it works!

Your customers can return shipments sustainably in just a few simple steps.

Flexible pick up times

With Quickpic, your customers can easily and intuitively select the day and collection time. In this way, you can ideally adapt the return of shipments to their daily routine.

Simplest order entry

We love simple processes. And we know that convenience and user-friendliness are key. That's why it takes less than 2 minutes to enter a Quickpic pickup order. And it works without a customer account or third-party login.

Secure pickup locations - no need to go to the post office

We pick up shipments at home and save your customers the unnecessary trip to the nearest drop-off point. Small parcels can easily be deposited in the milk crate, larger ones in weather-protected locations, e.g. by the front door.

100% electric - with all the advantages

As with delivery, we also rely 100% on electric cars for returns. Quickpac is the first parcel service to cover the outward and return journey of the shipment quietly and with low emissions using electric cars. This is also appreciated by your customers.

Quick & efficient

The shipments to be picked up are integrated into our delivery tours by our AI-controlled route planning. This allows us to avoid unnecessary empty runs, increase our stop density, and pick up returns at the exact time announced.

Same label - additional possibilities

Quickpic returns do not require a new label. We can pick up shipments in the original packaging and with the original outbound label. This saves resources and simplifies the production of your return for your customers.

Shipment & Returns Tracking

Our returns process is robust, reliable and transparent. We show your customers all available pickup time slots during order entry and reserve the desired time slot. From this moment on, your customers are always informed about the current status of the return and the next process step via automated pickup notifications. All important steps in the returns process (e.g. successful pickup) are also tracked with secure scan events.

Interested in offering your customers the best returns service?

Call us at +41 58 356 45 00 or write us at sales@quickpac.ch.

Ready for Quickpic?
Offer your customers not only the best delivery experience, but also the best returns experience.


  • 100% electric returns solution
  • No additional label needed - for even more convenience and a sparing use of resources. (If you still want to use a return label, this is of course possible without any problems!)
  • We pick up the packages conveniently at home. This saves time, nerves and the walk to the nearest drop-off point.
  • Flexible pick-up times guarantee maximum flexibility.
  • Fast & uncomplicated return of returns for satisfied dissatisfied.

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