Our promise of quality

For us, quality in parcel delivery means that every parcel is delivered on time and environmentally friendly. Parcel recipients and parcel senders can track where a parcel is at any time via our seamless parcel tracking system. Accurate and reliable delivery forecasts are a special distinguishing feature compared to other parcel service providers.

Every parcel matters

For us, no parcel is simply one of the millions of parcels we deliver every year, but the very one a recipient is longing to receive.

Our primary goal is to deliver each and every parcel entrusted to us on time, in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner. We adhere to the delivery times agreed with our customers and, wherever possible, take into account specific delivery requests from parcel recipients.

According to clearly defined rules, each parcel is either

  • delivered to the storage compartment of the mailbox,

  • deposited in a secure location,

  • handed over personally at the door

  • or brought to a collection point.

Zusteller übergibt Quickpac-Sendung an Empfängerin
Quickpac-Zusteller stellt Paket in Ablagekasten zu

Seamless parcel tracking

It is our ambition to inform senders and parcel recipients as precisely as possible where a parcel is and when it will be delivered.

We are particularly proud of our ever more precise delivery forecasts: We provide the predicted delivery events in reliable time windows that are as short as possible, often no more than one hour.

Every parcel can be tracked seamlessly in Quickpac parcel tracking from the moment it is announced electronically by the sender until it is delivered (or returned to sender if necessary).

Senders also have extensive options for viewing and evaluating data on all of their shipped parcels.

No subcontractors - Regular training

Quickpac is one of the few parcel delivery companies that does not employ any subcontractors or transport partners. All parcel delivery staff are employed directly by Quickpac. Permanent employment with monthly wages is standard practice with us.

We are convinced that these measures help us to better deliver on our quality promise:

  • All employees go through a structured onboarding process including driver training, practical delivery training and receive comprehensive training materials.

  • We conduct regular training sessions and provide delivery agents with weekly newsletters containing training and development content.

Mitarbeiterin sortiert ein Quickpac-Paket
Elektroautos werden im Depot aufgeladen

Digital support and an in-house repair and maintenance service

  • The processes in the daily work of delivery agents are based on reliable digital tools: Each parcel is scanned several times in the sorting and loading process, the dynamic route planning is automatically created by a digital assistant, driving sequences are aligned in coordination with the battery range of the vehicles, etc.

  • Quickpac maintains and services its electric car fleet in-house. In each depot, our technical employees take care of maintenance and repair work. This ensures that all delivery agents always have a safe, well-maintained vehicle at their disposal.

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