About Quickpac

Quickpac is the first parcel delivery service in Europe to deliver 100 % of its parcels in electric cars. Quickpac's customers include online shops, mail-order companies and e-commerce providers from Switzerland and nearby countries.

Success factors
Who we are and what sets us apart

Quickpac is the fastest growing parcel delivery service in Switzerland. Founded in 2019 by Quickmail AG, Quickpac is now perceived as a successful and innovative tech start-up at the focal point of sustainable parcel logistics, e-mobility and cutting-edge IT solutions (e.g. tools for dynamic route planning).

Quickpac was ranked among the most innovative Swiss companies by the business magazine BILANZ, the SME magazine PME of Romandy and by Statista 2022. Quickpac is ranked second in the "Transport and Logistics" sector.

Our employees
Why we do not hire subcontractors at Quickpac

Quickpac currently employs

  • 419 Full-time employees

  • 329 Part-time employees

  • Converted to full-time positions, this corresponds to 558 FTEs.

(as of January 2024)

Quickpac does not hire "subcontractors" or "transport partners" to deliver parcels. All parcel delivery staff are directly employed. Supplies, work clothes and vehicles are provided by Quickpac. We are convinced that this is the only way we can fulfil the standards we set for ourselves as an employer and ensure important values such as equal opportunities and a fair remuneration policy.

Permanent employment at a fixed monthly salary is standard for Quickpac parcel delivery staff. Permanent employment gives employees and Quickpac the planning security that is necessary for a partnership of equals. Over 95 % of all parcels are delivered by permanently employed delivery agents. In addition, parcel delivery staff in part-time jobs on call help to meet delivery times even with increased parcel volumes at short notice. These employees are also directly employed by Quickpac.

E-Mobility & Innovation

For Quickpac, effective environment protection measures and the avoidance of CO₂ emissions are not mere buzzwords. Since the launch of Quickpac in 2019, we have been relying on the use of electric cars for parcel delivery across the board. In the metropolitan areas and, unlike many of our competitors, also in rural regions.

Household coverage & depot locations

Quickpac is growing rapidly and operates various depot locations in German-speaking Switzerland. In 2022, depots were opened in St. Gallen, Ostermundigen near Bern and Ebikon near Lucerne. The ongoing expansion of the network of locations is already being planned.

Contrary to many competitors, Quickpac fully relies on electric vehicles to deliver to cities and agglomerations, but also to the surrounding rural areas.

Silbernstrasse 7a
8953 Dietikon
Nikolai Dementiev
Zugerstrasse 5
6030 Ebikon
David Bojanic
Ziegeleistrasse 3A
4614 Hägendorf
Florentina Kurtishi
Schwandiweg 35
3072 Ostermundigen
Ricardo Gomes
Martinsbruggstrasse 85
9016 St. Gallen
Kevin Lazic
Klosterstrasse 38
8406 Winterthur
Marcel Keller


October 2023
Oktober 2023 20000000 Paket

20,000,000 parcels – all delivered with low emissions by electric car. Another Quickpac milestone.

July 2023
Quickpac Winterthur Sortierung

Successful half-year result 2022: 21 % more parcels than in the same period last year. In addition, Quickpac delivered its 8 millionth parcel electrically in the reference period.

February 2023

Quickpac publishes Sustainability Report 2022: More than 3,900 tonnes of CO₂ have been avoided since the company was founded.

January 2023
Zustellung Quickmail Quickpac

Quickmail Group with CHF 70 million turnover and 50 % more parcels. The number of parcels transported by Quickpac increased by 1.7 million to 5.1 million compared to the previous year, which corresponds to an increase of 50 %.

December 2022

Quickpac has already delivered more than 10 million parcels quietly and with low emissions since its foundation!

October 2022
CTA Call to Action 1494 x 1030 px 43 2

New edition of the study «Multioptional Shipping» appears in its second edition. The study examines the 250 online shops with the highest turnover in Switzerland with regard to their shipping options.

September 2022
CTA Call to Action 1494 x 1030 px 43 1

Opening of the sixth Quickpac depot in Ebikon near Lucerne. 60 new jobs are created and 200,000 more households are reached.

July 2022
Beladung 1

Successful half-year result 2022: 21 % more parcels than in the same period last year. In addition, Quickpac delivered its 8 millionth parcel electrically in the reference period.

June 2022
Depot Bern 3

With opening the depot in Ostermundigen near Bern, Quickpac increases its household coverage to 1.7 million households or 61.4 % of all households in German-speaking Switzerland. Outstanding: the company's own solar power system on the roof of the newly built depot.

E Vito 3

Quickpac orders 100 new Mercedes eVito electric delivery vehicles. This will increase the fleet to almost 300 electric vehicles.

May 2022
2022 04 Eröffnung Depot SG

Quickpac opens its fourth depot in St. Gallen and reaches 200,000 additional households. Household coverage increases to around 1.45 million households or around 52.5 % of all households in German-speaking Switzerland.

February 2022
2022 02 Starkes Jahresergebnis

Strong annual result: Quickmail AG 2021 with 11 % more revenue - Quickpac Division with 3.4 million parcels

November 2021
2021 11 Anstellungsbedingungen Die grössten Logistiker setzen sich gemeinsam mit Sozialpartnern für einen Branchen GAV ein

Working conditions: Quickmail and other Swiss logistics companies, together with social partners, are campaigning for an industry collective agreement

October 2021
2021 10 Boha wechselt zu Quickpac

Michel Boha, Head of Logistics at Digitec Galaxus joins Quickpac and becomes Managing Director and Head of Operations & Infrastructure as of January 2022

August 2021
2021 08 Ankündigung Eröffnung SG

Quickpac announces the opening of the fourth depot in St. Gallen for Q1 2022 plus two more depots in German-speaking Switzerland in 2022

2021 08 Erfolgreiches Halbjahresergebnis

Successful half-year result: parcel growth of 106 % compared to the previous year; lease agreement signed for new St. Gallen depot from Q1 2022; 60 new jobs and expansion of the e-fleet by 40 new vehicles.

July 2021
2021 07 Studie Multioptional

Quickpac analyses the shipping options of online shops and publishes the 1st edition of the study «Multioptional Shipping».

2021 07 Mehr als 4 Mio Pakete

Since its launch, Quickpac has delivered more than 4 million parcels, travelled more than 6 million km electrically and saved more than 1,000 tonnes of CO₂.

June 2021
2021 06 Erstes Co Branding

On tour with Quickpac: Together with long-term customer Lehner-Versand, Quickpac designs first co-branded electric car

April 2021
2021 04 Logistik erleben

Quickmail and Quickpac participate as exhibitors in the focus exhibition «Experience Logistics!» at the Museum of Transport in Lucerne

February 2021
2021 02 Umsatzzahlen

Quickmail AG publishes turnover figures for the first time: Turnover rose by CHF 5 million to CHF 66 million in 2020, market share increased from 4.0 to 4.2 %

January 2021

Quickpac achieves a household coverage of 31 % (CH) and 43 % (DE-CH) with a very good occupancy rate at all three depots.

December 2020
2020 12 Start what3words

Innovation & digitalisation: Quickpac now offers delivery with the innovative addressing solution from what3words.

November 2020
2020 09 Eröffnung Dietikon

Quickpac opens 3rd depot in Dietikon (ZH) and takes another 75 Renault Kangoo Maxi Z.E. into service

August 2020

Quickpac introduces additional delivery options for recipients: delivery notification and deposition order

July 2020
2020 07 128 Zusteller

Quickpac creates jobs and now employs 128 delivery agents

June 2020
2020 06 1 Jahr Quickpac

We are celebrating our birthday! In 1 year of Quickpac we have already transported 1 million parcels

February 2020
2020 Start Pilot Pick Mup

As part of the PickMup pilot project, Quickpac starts cooperation with Migros in terms of pick-up points.

January 2020
2020 01 Ausdehnung Haushaltabdeckung

Quickpac increases household coverage again and already reaches 34 % of all households in German-speaking Switzerland

December 2019
2019 12 Zustellflotte wächst auf 100 Elektrofahrzeuge

The delivery fleet is growing rapidly and already includes over 100 electric vehicles

November 2019

Quickpac introduces a purpose-built recipient notification with outstanding forecast accuracy

October 2019
2019 10 Erweiterung Agglomeration Zürich

Quickpac now also delivers in the postcode regions 8100 to 8199 (Zurich metropolitan area) and already reaches 22 % of all households.

September 2019
2019 09 Erweiterung Zustellgebiet Stadt Basel2

Quickpac expands the delivery area to the city of Basel; household coverage rises to 19 %.

June 2019
2019 06 Operativer Start

Operational start with depots in Winterthur & Hägendorf;
Household coverage: 17 % (incl. city of Zurich)

March 2019
2019 03 Übergabe Kangoos

The first 50 Renault Kangoo Maxi Z.E. are handed over to Quickpac at the Wankdorf Stadium in Bern.

February 2019
2019 02 Ankündigung Lancierung QP

Quickmail officially announces the launch of the Quickpac parcel delivery division

October 2018
2018 10 Übernahme durch Verium

Acquisition of Quickmail AG by Verium AG, thereby securing the financing of Quickpac

July 2018
2018 07 Bestellung 50 Kangoo

Order of the first 50 Renault Kangoo Maxi Z.E. electric cars.

March 2018
2018 03 Anmeldung Paketsortierung nach Farben

Quickpac registers «Package sorting by colour» at the European Patent Office

Shopping partners
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