June 19, 2023

Quickpac launches Switzerland's first sustainable returns solution: entire last mile now 100% electric.

Sustainable returns have never been easier: Quickpac is launching the Quickpic low-emission returns service after a two-month pilot phase. Quickpac quietly picks up returns from your home by electric car and transports them back to the online retailer. Quickpac is the first parcel service to offer shipments 100% with electric cars in both directions, whilst ensuring maximum convenience for customers.

Returns without the guilty conscience

People who order things online sometimes have bad luck: the shoe pinches, the shirt is too big or the plug doesn’t fit. From now on, return packages can be sent back sustainably by electric car. Customers can have their returns collected from their home with an easy and quiet low-emission service.

Quickpac’s CEO Matthias Bucheli says about the newly launched service: “Our collection service is easy and sustainable. It takes less than two minutes to place a collection order. You use your smartphone to scan the existing label on the package and choose your desired pick-up place and pick-up time. We then quietly collect the return parcel from your home by electric car.” Low-emission last-mile transport is not the only clincher when it comes to sustainability: with Quickpac, all returns can be sent back in their original packaging and without printing any additional labels.

Successful pilot phase with Ackermann

Quickpic’s launch follows a successful two-month pilot phase, during which processes were tested and optimised together with the mail-order company Ackermann. Michael Feichtinger, Product Manager at UNITO Versand & Dienstleistungen GmbH, says: “We had been talking to Quickpac about a sustainable returns solution for a long time. We are delighted, that with Quickpic we are able to offer our clients a modern, green collection service.”

Focusing on a user-friendly experience and quick collections

In addition to the sustainability aspect, Quickpac paid great attention to the simple and user-friendly design of the pick-up service. “Customers with returns do not want to take them to the post office counter, but instead have them collected conveniently from home”, Bucheli explains. Senders who already use Quickpac can arrange Quickpic collections from now on. The service is continually being refined in close collaboration with our senders and recipients.

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