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With our roots in letter delivery, we know what it means to recruit, motivate – and monitor – thousands of employees for the final mile.
And we know that for parcel shipments it is not just a matter of the final mile, but of every metre. From acceptance of the shipment through to delivery to the customer.
Our most important goal is to get the parcels entrusted to us
on time and
to their recipients.
Here are just three examples of how Quickpac ensures that parcels are delivered on time and free from losses:
If parcels have to be handed over in person, and the recipient cannot be found, two further delivery attempts are made – within just 24 hours. This is possible because Quickpac delivers both in the morning and in the evening.
If buildings are regarded as insecure, parcels are only delivered in return for a signature, even if the sender did not select this as an additional service.
If deliveries are delayed due to traffic jams, Quickpac gives priority to parcels that are time-critical or have to be handed over in return for a signature.

Track parcels

News from the postal industry

Nachfrage wegen Covid-19 bringt Schweizer Onlinehändler an Kapazitätsgrenzen
Die Schweiz steht still nach dem Lockdown; Gastro, Freizeitinstitutionen und der stationäre Detailhandel sind untersagt, sofern nicht lebensnotwendig wie Lebensmittel oder Pharma.
EU: Verpackungen sollen grüner werden
Derzeit leben wir in einer Wegwerfgesellschaft: Neu kaufen ist oft günstiger als reparieren und Rohstoffe werden eher neu abgebaut als recycelt. Das soll sich nach dem Willen der EU in den kommenden Jahren drastisch ändern: Die EU-Kommission hat in dieser Woche einen Aktionsplan für Kreislaufwirtschaft ausgearbeitet.