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Handing your parcels in: the choice is yours

You have three options for ensuring your parcels reach the Quickpac logistics system:
Hand your parcels in centrally at a single depot
Hand in your parcels locally at the respective destination depots
And here's how it works:
Hand in all your parcels for Quickpac at one depot.
These are currently the "Zürich-Ost" depot in Winterthur and the "Solothurn" depot in Hägendorf.
Quickpac will then transport your shipments between the depots.
Parcels for Priority and Economy can be handed in until 22:00, for Priority+ until 9:00 and for SameDay until 12:00.
Hand in your parcels for Quickpac directly at the respective depots.
This makes sense in particular if you produce parcels at several locations and want to use the Same Day speed.
You can hand in parcels for SameDay delivery directly at the respective depots until 15:30.
You can arrange for us to collect your shipments.
Quickpac will collect your shipments using its own vehicles or will instruct a service provider to do so.

Track parcels

News from the postal industry

Otto verkauft Anteile am Paketboten Hermes
Schon seit einiger Zeit sucht der Hamburger Versandhändler Otto nach einem Partner für seinen Paketdienst Hermes. Jetzt wurde er mit der Investment-Gruppe Advent handelseinig.
Corona-Phänomen: Otto Group verzeichnet Sortimentsverschiebung und geringere Retourenquote
Der Handelskonzern Otto in Hamburg vermeldet ein strukturell verändertes Einkaufsverhalten der Kunden während der Corona-Monate.