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Questions and answers (FAQ)

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Who can receive parcels with Quickpac?
Where is my parcel?
Where can I find the parcel number?
Can I track my shipment without a parcel number?
Why do I not receive any information when I enter my parcel number?
When can I see my parcel in the shipment tracking?
When will my parcel be delivered?
Why am I receiving notifications from Quickpac?
I do not wish to receive any further notifications from Quickpac. What should I do?
I am receiving parcels from Quickpac, but I am not getting any notifications. How can I make sure I receive these?
How can I use the "Tracking - Notify" delivery option?
What does the coloured label on my shipment mean?
I was at home at the delivery time, but the doorbell did not ring and the parcel was put through the postbox. Why?
Can I refuse a parcel?
I have missed a delivery, what happens now?
There is a Pickup information card in my letterbox. What does it mean?
Where can I find information about my parcel’s pick-up point?
Who do the pick-up points belong to?
What do I need in order to pick up my parcel from a pick-up point?
How long are missed parcels kept at the PickMup pick-up point?
I missed a delivery. Do I have to wait until the next day to collect my parcel from the pick-up point?
Can I return parcels with Quickpac?
Why are certain parcels handed over to Swiss Post?
Why does Quickpac also deliver in the evening?
My shipment was damaged or delivered incomplete. What should I do?
My parcel is missing. What should I do?
Who is liable if my parcel is stolen?
What means: "Shipment recorded by sender (data delivered)"?
What means: "Parcel has arrived at Quickpac"?
What means: "Parcel is being transported to the destination depot"?
What means: "Parcel has reached destination depot"?
What means: "Parcel has been sorted for delivery"?
What means: "Parcel has been sorted for pick-up point"?
What means: "Parcel has been delivered to letterbox"?
What means: "Parcel has been handed over"?
What means: "Parcel has been handed over against signature"?
What means: "Parcel has been safely stored"?
What means "Parcel has been delivered to Pick-up point"?
What means "Parcel was delivered by partner"?
What means: "Parcel has been picked up"?
What means: "Parcel undeliverable, because recipient not found at address provided"
What means: "Parcel undeliverable, because recipient has moved"?
What means: "Parcel undeliverable, because recipient deceased / company expired"?
What means: "Parcel undeliverable, because acceptance refused"?
What means: "Parcel undeliverable, because storage not possible"?
What means: "Parcel undeliverable, because building is not accessible"?
What means: "Parcel undeliverable, because recipient not present"?
What means: "Process delay, parcel could not be delivered"?
What means: "Parcel has not been picked up"?
What means: "Parcel undeliverable, because address is incorrect"?
What means: "Parcel undeliverable (special case)"?
What means: "Parcel is being prepared for a new delivery attempt"?
What means: "Lack of space in the vehicle"?
What means "Parcel being transported to the returns depot"?
What means "Parcel has arrived at the returns depot"?
What means: "Parcel has been transported to the sender"?
What means: "Parcel is being prepared for delivery to Swiss Post"?
What means: "Parcel was announced electronically at Swiss Post"?
What means: "Parcel has been delivered to Swiss Post"?
What means: "Parcel has been returned by Swiss Post"?
What means: "Parcel is being prepared for pick-up"?
What means: "Parcel has been transferred for pick-up"?
What means: "Parcel could not be delivered to the pick-up point"?
What means "notification"?
What means "deposit order"?
Can I receive a parcel despite my absence?
What is a deposit order and how can I use this delivery option?
For which parcels can a deposit order be entered?
I cannot find any possibility to enter a deposit order for my parcel in the tracking. What do I have to do?
How does the security check for a parcel work?
Can I delete a registrated deposit order?
Can a deposit order be changed after it has been entered?
Why was the parcel not delivered or was delivered to another delivery location despite the deposit order?
Can I place the deposit order as a permanent order for all future packages with Quickpac instead of every single parcel?
Who is liable if the parcel is lost after it has been deposited with a deposit order?
I already have a delivery authorization with Swiss Post. Can Quickpac take over these details automatically?


Who can send parcels with Quickpac?
What parcels can I send with Quickpac?
Where does Quickpac deliver?
Does Quickpac also deliver abroad?
Is there a minimum quantity?
How quickly can Quickpac deliver?
What additional services are available?
How can parcels be handed in?
Are parcels insured?
Where does the parcel number come from?
Does Quickpac need a special address label?
Is shipment data sent electronically?
How is shipment data sent?
How are parcels sorted?
Are deliverers employed by Quickpac?
Is there a recipient notification service?
How does shipment tracking work?
Can sorting and delivery reports be produced?
What happens if a parcel cannot be delivered?


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